Friday, April 25, 2008

Here is a list of books (in no particular order) that I found to be of interest:

Buck up, Suck Up…and Come Back When You Foul Up by James Carville and Paul Begala. This is a fun book by two of the new co-hosts of CNN’s Crossfire. Their knowledge and debating skills on the show made them a target of a GOP boycott--even though Crossfire has two co-hosts on the right.

The Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People Are Changing the World by Paul Ray and Sherry Ruth Anderson. Great analysis of postmaterialist America.

The Betrayal of America: How the Supreme Court Undermined the Constitution and Chose Our President by Vincent Bugliosi and Supreme Injustice: How the High Court Hijacked Election 2000 by Alan M. Dershowitz. These two books uncover the sham of the 2000 (s)election.

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: An Investigative Reporter Exposes the Truth about Globalization, Corporate Cons, and High Finance Fraudsters by Greg Palast. Palast, a BBC reporter, uncovered how Katherine Harris and Jeb Bush scrubbed the Florida voter rolls of legal voters in the guise of purging the rolls of convicted felons.

The Spirit of Shamanism by Roger Walsh. Walsh takes a comprehensive look at this misunderstood phenomenon.

The World of Chick by Robert B. Fowler. Everyhting you wanted to know about the reclusive and unintentionally hilarious fundamentalist comic tract artist Jack Chick.

The Food Revolution by John Robbins. Robbins’s follow-up to Diet for a New America shows how the food industry does not care about the health of consumers.

The Hunting of the President by Joe Conason and Gene Lyons. Gives the lowdown on the lowdown people who tried to bring down a president such as Christopher Ruddy.

A Theory of Everything by Ken Wilber. This is an important book. Watch for Wilber’s upcoming book, Boomeritis.

Shrub by Molly Ivins and Is Our Children Learning? by Paul Begala. Two Texans look at George W. Bush’s record of nonaccomplishment. Here’s Begala’s take on Dubya’s plan for Social Security:
Plan A:
1. Invest in the market (Ask Poppy’s brother and other Wall Street insiders for hot tips);
2. If your investment tanks, get bailed out by the big money boys (this works better if you are wise enough to choose a father who is president of the United States; if you haven’t had the foresight to have such a Poppy, see Plan B.)

Plan B

1. Invest in the market;
2. If your investment tanks, develop a taste for Alpo.

In the Shadow of the Moons: My Life in the Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Family by Nansook Hong. A shocking insider look at the Reverend Sun Myung Moon’s business/cult.

The X Presidents by Robert Smigel and Adam McKay. Based on the SNL TV Funhouse cartoon.

Hollywood 101 by Frederick Levy. A practical primer for making it in Hollywood

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